A Thanksgiving thought!

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I know I am late!

I’m working on two things for Thanksgiving; neither are right!  Yet!

But I received a picture of 4 generations of her family  from my “best friend” since the 6th grade!  Her parents have been married for 70 years!  They are both in their mid-nineties!

(we were “not asked back” to school together!)  We are 64 years old!  She has her parents?!?  Yikes!

Her parents  just had a Thanksgiving dinner with 4 generations!

Her mother asked her “who are all these people?”  My friend said, “they are all your family!”

There is a life-size portrait of her (drop dead gorgeous mother that I wondered about when twelve) in the dining room!

Her mother saw it; and said.”Why did I have that done?”

My friend says,  “Life is a hoot!”

And she also said, “No matter how senile, or complicated the members of my family are;  they are MY family!”

And THAT is my Thanksgiving thought!!

Family is just about everything!

5 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving thought!

  1. Sandra Jonas

    Penny been following you and love your style! Not just your interiors but your sense of fun. Found out recently we have a mutual friend. (not online but a real one!) contact me for more info.
    Happy! Happy holidays!

  2. Cathy Tyner

    How wonderful!
    I appreciate your blog even more having just enjoyed Thanksgiving&
    now moving on to Christmas!
    Love being inspired by you & yours!
    Thank you sooo much!

  3. velvet and linen

    Absolutely! Of course, I consider you part of our family now!
    You are part of my “everything”!

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  4. Millie

    What a great story Penelope! Your bestie’s parents are amazing & inspire me to emulate that famous bumper sticker. ‘Avenge yourself, live long enough to be a problem to your children!!’
    Millie x

    1. penelopebi

      What a wonderful expression! From “down under”! “My bestie” So wonderful! I will write her right away!
      Thank you for the lovely comments!

      My original Thanksgiving post……..(I got cold feet.) It will go out tomorrow! My young assistant said……”Oh, yes, it will be the best post ever! You cannot get ‘too personal!”

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