An evening with Lars Bolander and a thank you to Velvet and Linen

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“An Evening with Lars Bolander,” also, a night to remember!  Several months back we hosted a book signing for author, antique dealer and friend Lars Bolander.

His new book Scandinavian Design has received much praise, several other successful book parties and even a spot on the Martha Stewart show! Visit his online store to see some of his fabulous inventory, and if ever in New York City, be sure to stop by his store!!  Also, pick up a copy of his book, it is a MUST have!  

Another treat of the evening was getting the chance to meet Brooke Giannetti of Giannetti Home and also author my favorite blog Velvet and Linen.  Brooke, not only a mother of 3, an interior designer, shop owner and blogger; she is a great inspiration and has really encouraged me in starting my own blog, so THANK YOU Brooke!!

Brooke wrote an amazing blog post on the evening, see the full article here.  She shows many interior and exterior shots of our property that her husband Steve so graciously took.  One of my favorite things about being a decorator is the not only the houses I get to see but the wonderful people I meet along the way.  Brooke (and the Giannetti family) as well as Lars and his wife Nadine are perfect examples!

Below are a few snapshots from the evening, enjoy!

Brook and I
Brooke and I
Just a few of the attendees
The backdrop of the party
Happy customers!

9 thoughts on “An evening with Lars Bolander and a thank you to Velvet and Linen

  1. penelopebi

    What a treat it was to have Lars and Nadine here! They are people who make “magic”!

    We had a wonderful group……and the whole experience was magical and wonderful!
    A fabulous and very erudite book. The Scandinavian countries use unusual colors……and we have a lot to learn from them!

    Beautiful and practical book.


  2. velvet and linen

    This was such a magical, never to forget evening in my life. Thank you for bringing back the memories 🙂
    Thank you also for all of your kind words, Penny.
    You are a gift in my life and I cherish our friendship.
    I adore the description of you in the “about” section of your website. Your love for life IS contagious!
    I just shared the link to your website and blog with my Velvet and Linen readers. I know they are going to love you as much as I do!!!

    xo xo


  3. Ayleen Wolfe


    I found you through Brooke’s page. I am insanely jealous! I love Lars Bolander’s work and his West Palm Beach store, which I was just at two weeks ago. His new book is fantastic, I am sure, although I have not had a chance to get my hands on it. I can’t wait to grab a copy. I am sure it’s quite the page turner. Welcome to the blogosphere!!

  4. Anci

    I read about your blog at Brooke’s blog and of course I want to visit your blog. It seems to be both interesting and nice.


  5. laurie

    I’m so glad Brooke sent me over to see your beautiful blog. Welcome to blogging. laurie

  6. momochi

    This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!

  7. Kelsey

    How exciting! I remember Brooke’s post about your gathering and loved some of the photos of your garden. Love the table and chairs in your outdoor table scape!

    Ejoyed the article too! Have a great day and let us see more photos of your gardens please! Ha ha.

    1. penelopebi

      Check out the articles in the Press section! click on the cover of the magazine or book. Lots more pictures in those articles!

  8. penelopebi

    Take a peek at my blog and my website! Brooke has inspired me to kep right on going!

    thank you for your comment! Love, love, love it!

    Brooke is an angel! How lucky we are to know one……!


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