Another wonderful blog I love!!!

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Leta Austin Foster is a sensational decorator and has one of my very favorite shops in Palm Beach Florida.

In her blog, she shares all her amazing sources in Europe and other places!

This article has fabulous sources in Paris!

I also want to thank her for mentioning me in this post!

You can read the article here and know right where to go in Paris!  It would take YEARS to discover all of these wonderful  and unusual spots!

7 thoughts on “Another wonderful blog I love!!!

  1. Nella

    Dear Penny, you are a treasure!  Thank you for placing me on your blog under inspiration. You are the inspriring one, with the courage and clarity of your vision seen in your interiors, I have been prompted to move forward do what feels right for me.
    With affection, Nella xo

    1. penelopebi

      I am thrilled to inspire you to follow your heart and what feels right!

  2. Karena

    Penelope I adore your site and will visit more often. It is such a delight to read your posts. I will head over to Leta's right now…


    Art by Karena

  3. French Kissed

    Dear Penelope,
    Thanks for recommending  Leta's blog….I have a daughter in Paris so love hearing about others favorite places there.  So thrilled to see your visits to my little blog as I have admired you and your great style for years.  Actually visited your garden when it was part of that fabulous tour on "Green" building… Margie also had helped me with my garden design years ago…and I have even seen your amazing home on tour…my husband is Steve the PhotoTour guy.  While it all plays so beautifully in the magazines and on the blogs, there is something truly magical, welcoming and almost transcending about  stepping into your world.     Funny how we live in the same town and know so many of the same people, yet we meet virtually for the first time…got to love this wonderful world of blogs.  Hoping to rearrange my schedule so I can meet you personally at the lovely Patina Style party you are planning.

    All the best,


  4. Lillian Plummer

    Dear Penelope, I have found your blog through “the love of a house” and I am so pleased. I look forward to hearing your news and activities. I live on the otherside of the world but have found a place where I feel “I belong”. I have been so inspired, I may even start my own blog one day. Congratulations and best wishes, Lillian.

  5. callie grayson

    thanks for the introduction to this blog, I love reading new (to me) blogs and adding to my listings.

  6. Jane Kilpatrick Schott

    Oh, that wonderful Leta! She is one of the folks who make
    Palm Beach the best place to live. She visits our shop often and
    we work on many projects together.

    She is the best!

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