Australian talk show

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Click here to see full interview, aired on Australian TV.  I was in a room with a camera;  and they were talking to me in Australian accents!  That is hard!!!  Hope you enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Australian talk show

  1. lissy parker

    Where did you find the Schumacher wallpaper? I have been trying to find this one. Thank you, Lissy

    1. penelopebi

      I am afraid I bought all of it! Isn’t it so tragic they are not making it any more? I loved it in red!

      Have you noticed? Brunschwig went bankrupt…..thank God revived by Kravet…… is a scary slide. I will look for some more….try Google! It is my favorite wallpaper in the world.!!!

  2. patricia gaye tapp

    fantastic! wonderful interview. pgt

  3. Tracey Jackson

    Great job. And it’s so hard to do those interviews with the mic in your ear you knocked it out of the park.

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