Christmas with grandchildren! Their "presence" was our "present"!!

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We are so lucky!  Two of our seven grandchildren live less than a mile from our house here in Santa Barbara!

Three more lived here for 3 years;  but for 8 years they have been living in Switzerland;  and are moving back here next summer!

For a multitude of reasons, Christmas has been “childless” for 8 years;  and this year we had grandchildren!!  Their “presence”  was our “present”!

Here are our daughter Ella; and her children Poppy (Penelope) 13, and Tommy 9.

Happy Granny!

Poppy and her Daddy, Scott

Our live tree;

The center table  set for dinner!

Antique chinoiserie lusterware  “Pekin”  plates on top of  Provencal  terre melee faience  chargers.

Ella and “Granny ”  in one of my “festivity crowns”!

Turkey dinner!

Luna enjoying her chew toy!

Pete loved his too!

Tommy loves his stocking!  The stockings are made from antique grain sacks and antique toile by my friend Kathy.

She has a  store “Pillow Beach” on Etsy;  and the most wonderful  things!


Scott and Ella

Merry Christmas!!

20 thoughts on “Christmas with grandchildren! Their "presence" was our "present"!!

  1. Elizabeth Potter

    How lovely, Penny! My dear son was my “present” this year and we celebrated with the most loving family in Montecito…. what a joy! Now he’s plaaning to transfer colleges and move here! Your family is very beautiful! All the best for the New Year…. may you keep those precious grandchildren close!

  2. penelopebi

    via email:

    Thank you for sharing, great holiday photos! Penny what is on your head!!!!!!!! Xoxo

  3. penelopebi

    via email:

    Love the hair candy!

  4. Lynn @thevintagenest

    A very lovely family and home and I adore your tree too. It’s so nice to see everyone all dressed up. 🙂

  5. velvet and linen

    Thank you for sharing your holiday with us!
    I love seeing Poppy and her beautiful Mother, Ella, again, and it was nice being “introduced to Tommy and his Dad, Scott.
    Your table was a stunner. Those plates! Wow!

    Happy New Year!

    xo xo

  6. Pamela

    I felt as though I were right there with, enjoying the festive night!
    Such gorgeous, happy faces all.
    Wishing you a most lovely Christmas week and the happiest of New Year’s! So happy we “met” this year, Penny!!

  7. Millie

    Looks like much fun was had by everyone – what a wonderful treat having your precious ones with you on Christmas Day Penelope. You are lucky the kids dressed up, it was so hot here that my mob turned up in shorts & flip flops!
    Millie x

  8. Kathy Avakian

    The smiles on their faces say it all! Thank you for sharing Penny!

  9. Heather

    My goodness, your family is so beautiful! It looks like a wonderful Christmas was had by all.

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

  10. Marietta

    Happy New Year my dear Penny! I see the love in those pictures. i know you are at your very best when you have Ella and family with you. So happy you were all together this year!

  11. Thoughts on Design

    What the Holidays are all about!!! Soon you’ll be able to spoil those grand children constantly. I’ll bet you can’t wait!!!

    BTW: Love your Christmas tiara!!!


  12. Dovecote Decor

    Penny: I must have the chargers. Where can I get them? Also, may I please also have Tommy’s hair? That is so unfair!! I notice your comments on my new favorite blog: Pimp my Bricks. It doesn’t get any better.
    Happy New Year,

  13. penelopebi

    Hi Liz!! Here they are! I have to learn to do this better; but here they are!

    Terre melle, is the technique, and they come from Apt, in Provence. I got them from the “Source Perrier” catalogue; which sadly, is no more! You can order them from here!

  14. Tracey

    Looks wonderful – beautiful family – gorgeous table – happy faces – and all because of you who makes all that joy possible.
    Happy Holidays! xxoxox T

  15. lissy parker

    Thank you for sharing your Christmas with us. The warm smiling faces were just a delight. Everyone looked beautiful—especially you in your crown!
    Have a very Happy New Year!
    xoxo, Lissy

  16. Bette (@Ideezine)


    Families make our holiday time rich with the love and laughter of connections. What a great family you have and great news that you’ll get some more time together in the near future.

    Families are forever and we leave our impressions on the world that way as a huge fingerprint in time…priceless.

    Best Wishes, Hugs and Kisses for a Happy Happy New Year…Cheers for 2012 see you then!

  17. classic•casual•home

    Could your Christmas be any better?? Such a beautiful family and setting. Happy New Year.

    1. penelopebi

      You are all so right! I feel so blessed I cannot tell you!!

  18. Sandra Jonas

    What a beautiful family!! So happy to hear your grandchildren will be close by. Everyone looks so happy and I LOVE your festive crown!!

    Best wishes for a wonderful 2012!!

  19. Sandra Jonas

    Oh.. and those dishes and chargers…OMG stunning!

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