Corsica, Villa Murtoli

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“Like nowhere else on Earth”

This is a perfect  way to describe the luxury villas at Villa Murtoli on the island of Corsica.  I have dreams of visiting this place, strolling the beaches and meandering through the rolling hills and countryside.  As you will see in the photos below, this rambling property is a true work of art, and  an exquisite example of architecture being preserved over time and made into something unique and enchanting.

There are 12 buildings that make up the Villa Murtoli and  each can accommodate anywhere from 2-14 people.  Many feature their own swimming pool, and are set apart on different parts of the property.

Pictured above is a shot of the beautiful cove, where several of the cottages are located.  I could just dive into the crystal clear water!!

The houses are all former sheepfolds, or shepherds houses.  All are built of stone and date back to the 17th century.  They retain warmth in the winter and provide protection from the heat in the warm summer months.  I love the large stones placed on top of the terracotta roof tiles in the picture above.

Villa Murtoli features some of the most beautiful pools I have ever seen! Some are built directly into the rock and feature views to the ocean and the rolling hills below.  I could definitely spend some time relaxing here!

Another picture of the cove, a private beach belonging to the Villa Murtoli.  The beach is equipped with a open air bar and a massage area. I love the thatched umbrellas!!

Here is one of the larger buildings , able to sleep 14 (family vacation, yes please!!).  It features this amazing pool as well as a outdoor dining area built directly into a natural grotto.

I don’t think this view could get much better!  Leisure activities at Murtoli include: a spa, horse riding, hunting, fishing, and hiking.  I think I would do just fine with sitting by the pool and admiring the view!

Above is a shot of an interior sitting room.  The design of Murtoli is simple and understated, keeping with the architecture of the sheepfolds.  Some of the exquisite materials used in building these sheepfolds include: hundreds of years old dry stone walls and tile roofs, adobe bricks, terracotta floors, antique oak floorboards.

The property has been working as a boutique hotel since 1994, when the owner inherited the ranch and renovated the sheepfolds, bringing them up to date and habitable for people on vacations; instead of shepherds and their sheep.  It is still a working farm as well, and guest can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetable as well as see livestock roaming the valleys.

Here the pool is built directly into the stone, Amazing!

A simple bedroom,  I love the old brick in the archway and how they used paint as a simple wainscot effect.So simple and elegant!

This cute little sheepfold is perfect for two! It has plants growing on the roof, how charming and lovely;  and a way to keep cool!  Very energy efficient!

One of the larger properties, this villa is set in the Maquis, or mountainous area of the ranch. Corsica has many “micro-climates”  it is almost as if you go to 10 countries all contained on one island!  And each season has wonderful things to offer!  There doesn’t seem to be one “better” than the others!  Just different!

another of the former sheepfolds with a fireplace in the bedroom.  The taste level is beyond!!!

Please click here to visit the website of Villa Murtoli.  The images alone will take your breath away, and if planning a vacation in the near future, keep this in mind! I know I will be recommending this to all my friends, and hopefully visiting the crystal blue cove soon myself!

Bon Voyage!

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  1. Kris

    Lovely photos.


  2. Karen

    What a wonderful site for a family vacation! I plan to keep the name of this spot in my “wish list” file.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. designchic

    What a stunning home…perfect for a family vacation!!

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