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This is the note I just received from friend, and local author Richard Mineards:  “How nice to know a worldwide celebrity! This is from today’s London Daily Mail… Pip! Pip! Richard”

“‘Oprah Winfrey’s my neighbour!’ The ‘chicken lady’ who chats over the fence with the world’s most famous chatshow host.  Soon after moving into her dream home, a curious Oprah poked her head over the fence after spotting Penny feeding her pet chickens and when she said ‘good morning’ the grandmother nearly fainted in shock – her life have never been the same again.”

Today I was stunned to find out that an article has been posted in London’s Daily mail featuring myself in an article about my world famous next door neighbor!  Click here to read the full article.

The chickens that started it all.

Baby chicks!

The bantam chickens that roam our property!

5 thoughts on “Daily Mail, London

  1. patricia gaye tapp

    Penelope so great to welcome you to the blog world- and already across the pond. this is such a great article. Gaye

  2. Kris


    What a surprise! How nice for you and your chickens! This is a great article and just confirms what I already felt about Oprah…that she is down to earth and has a big heart.


    1. penelopebi

      She is the most down to earth and REAL person one could imagine. I am so happy you got that from that article. I was interviewed, I thought, for an Australian magazine! Then……there I was in the “Daily Mail” alerted by my friend Richard Mineards…….(globally known as the expert on the Royal Family…..and he truly is!!!)

      What a surprise!

      Oprah is the most authentic, giving and caring human being imaginable. No faking…nothing except pure good. That is why I almost fell down. The energy of good coming from this person….I had to hold on to something……not to fall down. And that is the truth.

  3. Kathy Avakian

    What a happy, cozy looking coup, especially that mother hen in the lower left corner! I can tell by their expressions, up those stairs on the top level, the view must be magnificent!!! I wanna live with those chickens, they’ve got it made!! ~ Safe and warm!!

  4. Dovecote Decor

    It is true. People are very attracted to Oprah because of her amazing energy. I don’t know whether it is the right balance of faith and humor, combined with common sense and intelligence, or what. Its really impressive that she is self-made. You live in a beautiful part of the world and have some lofty people around you. I wish I was your neighbor. I don’t love anything more than a fresh egg! You should have that first photograph of the chickens in their house painted. It would make a perfect addition to your house.

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