Dive into Summer, my favorite pools!

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With the onset of Summer in full swing, I can’t help but get excited for the season.  I avoid  sitting in the sun;  but I have always loved unusual pools and pool houses.  They can make or break an outdoor space(usually, unfortunately, break), so I thought I would share with you a few pools I have seen  that I am absolutely in love with.

Pictured above is a raised pool, an unusual treatment, I love the gravel-lined path and the stone steps leading up to the edge of the pool.

I also love the row of cypress trees giving a sense of enclosure and focal point.

This pool has a lovely ivy-covered structure that is perfect for lounging in the shade or enjoying a meal poolside.

This pool is set right alongside a field; so cool!

This lattice sided pool house is elegant and inviting.  I’m sure it stays nice and cool with the wind passing through the slatted walls. I love the dark bottom of the pool;  making it subtle and inviting.

Pictured above is a stone pool house, situated next to the beautiful blue waters of this pool.  I like the symmetry of this structure, and looks like a great place to host a dinner party!  I would have to plant lots of Boston ivy on it;  it is too hard-looking for me without it.

This is my absolute favorite pool I have ever seen!

The architectural details in this image are amazing, the picture from an old Architectural Digest, this pool is set besides the ruin of a large wall.  This pool looks like it has been here for generations;   I also love the stone urns that sit upon each corner.

I love this pool house, photograph from Elle Decor, this has great latice work on the second story and the copper roof and cupola are lovely details

I could spend the rest of my days lounging in this expansive pool house.  With tall ceilings and the open living room, this pool house is to die for! The lush trees and greenery surrounding the area add to the magical feeling of this pool.

Lastly, one of my all time favorites; designer Bunny Williams’s pool.  Featured in her book, An Affair with a House, this pool is rugged yet inviting.  Set among a forest and a rustic wood pool house, I love the rough cut stones that line the pool, and the retaining wall that the lower side of the pool creates.

And the pool house is a rustic version of the stone one in the previous picture.  The columns are tree trunks and the pediment is made of pine cones!

And those umbrellas!!

I hope  you will get some pool time this summer! Stay in the shade!!

4 thoughts on “Dive into Summer, my favorite pools!

  1. tara dillard

    Each, serene. Inviting. Doing their job with only a picture. Yes, good pools.

    How to tell you about Mary Kistner, my client/friend/mentor.

    Most of the gardening things you mentioned to me I learned from Mary. She died aged 84 about 6 years ago. She grew up on an apple farm in upstate New York. Learning from her parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles.

    During WWII she applied for, and got, the job of window dressing at Rich’s. Atlanta’s premier store of the era. Prior to her a male only job.

    When she built her home in the 60’s it was in a national magazine within a year. She was like you, interior design & landscape.

    When presented with a choice, and knowing to take the ‘simplest’ choice I still ask myself, “Which would Mary choose?”

    Mary’s motto was, It’s What We Do With What We Have.

    With a degree in horticulture I could not design a decent garden. Gathered my pennies for over 15 years of study trips across Europe.

    Seeing your garden, only recently via Velvet/Linen, I locked onto every detail.


    Then discover it is not even old. More amazement. Especially like your twig gate with leather ‘latch’ at the posts for support. Am I seeing that correctly? AND you design with the Poverty Cycle !!!

    Went to your website and lost my breath. Your initial pic with the cow on the shelf. Mary & her husband raised cattle. She had a lovely porcelain cow on a kitchen shelf.

    Ironically, it’s only been this year that I’m getting more clients with acreage. Mary was the first. It feels like I’m ‘giving’ Mary to all these new acres.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  2. Karen

    Ahh, summer at last. I love the pools that look natural to the setting best. The dark bottom pools are a favorite. Thank you for sharing some of the most relaxing and inviting pools I’ve ever seen.

  3. Tracey Jackson

    I wrote in my private journal the other day nothing makes me quite as serene as a pool. You have shown such a wonderful array, from the light on the first one, to Bunny Williams, hello, how beautiful is that.
    I think for me it’s coming from California, I don’t feel the same without a pool. We finally built one out on Long Island this year and while it’s not grand like like the ones you have shown, it’s dark and looks like a pond and is perfect for us. It makes me smile just to see it.
    But Bunny Williams, now that’s a pool!

  4. Darlene Federick

    Love the poolhouses! Can I grt some information on them? Thank you.

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