Duckling update! And a rare bird nesting!

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Well!!  Look how big the ducklings are!

They are now 57 days old;  their wing feathers cross over on their backs!  They CAN fly!!

But they don’t seem to be going anywhere!!!


   Do we think it is because I fill up their dish twice a day with duck food???


I will certainly miss them when they leave! 


 I know these are terribly blurry.  But we have a bird in our nestbox with her babies

that is a “Federally endangered species”!

A California Gnatcatcher!  She has been feeding the babies (we can hear them begging!)

And yesterday they fledged and flew into the bushes! 6 of them!  She continues to feed them!!


3 thoughts on “Duckling update! And a rare bird nesting!

  1. Design Chic

    Could they be any more precious? Just love seeing them grow and certainly know why they don’t leave…it’s way to cozy right where they are! I was fascinated hearing the story of your three daughters and seven grandchildren – how fun!!

  2. Marsha @ Splenderosa

    I love these birds and I know they love you too.
    This is just so fabulous, P !!!!

  3. Penelope Bianchi

    via email:

    Dear Penny,
    Would you leave your house
    if you were a duck? HELL NO.
    When I come back to this world
    in my next lifetime, I want to be
    one of your animals!!
    Without question.
    Love to you and thanks for
    keeping me posted.
    You are the best.

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