Flower power!!! The story of “festivity crowns”!!

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The very first one!!! The one with the swan!

My daughter doesn’t look too embarrassed!!!

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 6.36.27 PM

Here is a story about “festivity crowns”!!!

You see, a few years ago, my husband and I came out of dinner in Montecito, and a tiny little

shop called “La Vie Boheme” was right by our car! (the shop was closed)!  In the window was the most

amazing headpiece I had ever seen in my life!  It was flowers, shells, buttons,feathers, leaves,

and right in the center, a swan!  I almost had a heart attack!

I said…….”Omigod, I have to have that!”  My husband stared at it

and said…..”where would you ever wear it?”  I said…..”Oh, dear, the question

is where WON’T  I wear it??!”

Here it is!!!  A few years later!!!!

With several “touch-ups” because I wore it so often it started to

fall apart!!!

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 6.53.25 PM

So;  here are some pictures of my friends who all wore “festivity crowns” to my birthday party!!!

Beautiful Friends

Susan and Mary don’t they look gorgeous?

Festivity Crowns

Mary and me!  (she made her own!!!!!!)


My two granddaughters last year at my birthday party!
Now I have 4!  All made by the same lady in Carmel!!!


This is my beautiful granddaughter this year with flowers and a bird on her head!

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 12.16.43 AM

Here she is last year with another one!

I have no idea how anyone LIVES without a “festivity crown”!!

Every day that I wear one;  it makes me and others happy!

Why not???

Think “flower power”!

ps my daughter has been known to whisper…..”uh oh, here comes

my Mommy with another bird on her head!!!”

I say “Joie de Vivre!!!!!”

25 thoughts on “Flower power!!! The story of “festivity crowns”!!

  1. Marsha @ Splenderosa

    Penelope, Phillip Treacy is going to be so jealous! Only you could do thise, only you could get other people to do this. And, I love it. I, of course, would wear one if I were with you, or maybe if we had a hat party. This post is making me smile so much. Brava! You have topped yourself !

    1. penelopebi@me.com

      Omigoodness!! Thank you! It was so much fun!!!


    TOTAL FLOWER POWER……………………..
    BRAVA………so happy to see you HERE!!!

    1. penelopebi@me.com

      I probably got it wrong!!! But it sure was fun!!!

  3. The Enchanted Home

    Love this! I am loving how you themed an entire bday celebration around it, so fabulous and you look beautiful!! Isn’t it fun to fall in love with something!

  4. Catherine

    Hello…lovely to meet you via our ‘international blogging party’
    They are wonderful…you all look gorgeous in your festivity crowns!

  5. Jacqueline

    They are AMAZING and it looks as if it runs in the family !!! I think that ‘ festivity crowns ‘ must be an American thing. I’ve never seen anyone over here in one …. perhaps I should start the trend over here !! XXXX

    1. penelopebi@me.com

      Maybe you never will! I don’t think it is “American” I think it is a “Penelope” thing! And “Elizabeth thing”; it is not widespread in America……just so you know!!!!

  6. Sandra Sallin

    ..”uh oh, here comes my Mommy with another bird on her head!!!”
    I say “Joie de Vivre!!!!!”

    How perfect. The bird and flowers on your head brings smiles and joy to ones day! Carry on with the joy!

  7. D. A. Wolf

    These festivity crowns look like so much fun! I’m very tempted…

  8. Design Chic

    What a perfect piece for your birthday (and by invitation only) and love that others celebrated with their own creations! Just love seeing your beautiful granddaughter at both parties!

    1. penelopebi@me.com

      thank you so much for your comment! She is adorable….and so darling and funny! she has two grandmothers who have been friends for 50 years (scary!!!) and she adores us both. Her “Grandmommy” is so beautiful she would make you faint…older than I and looks younger!
      She wouldn’t mind my saying she is “conservative and proper”!

      then there is the sort of “ZAFTIG” me??? And Poppy loves us both….I hope I don’t embarrass her too often! “Grandmommy” never embarrasses anyone. She is the most elegant and lovely woman on earth! And drop-dead gorgeous! I will do some pictures on my blog! You will faint!!!

  9. Eleonora

    Come diceva un antico latino: audaces fortuna iuvat
    (la fortuna aiuta gli audaci)
    Aforisma desunto, con leggere varianti, da Virgilio (Eneide X, 284)
    le vostre foto sono simpaticissime, singolari e divertenti.
    Ciao Baci da Roma – Eleonora

    1. penelopebi@me.com

      Thank you! My friend Elizabeth has promised to ask her “ITALIAN HUSBAND” to translate this! I approved it because I love you!!!!

  10. Dovecote Decor

    Penny: Thank you for your kind thoughts regarding my Thornfield house. Its been 30 years in the making and in keeping with your previous post, lovingly collected over the years. With 3 daughters, we don’t celebrate without tiara, a wreath, silly eyeglasses and you name it!! I’m e-mailing you a great picture of Devon with her 30th birthday wreath.

    1. penelopebi@me.com

      Thank you! She and her crown are gorgeous! Keep it up! We are related for a reason!!!

  11. Adam Bianchi II


  12. Glamour Drops

    How absolutely fabulous. I have long wondered why people only wear these lovely flower crowns for weddings – when they bring so much beauty and delight to the eye that why ever not wear them on other occasions – birthdays or any days. This birthday would have been a beautiful sight!

    1. penelopebi@me.com

      It was beautiful….and I wear them to every party. I LOVE them….and I must say, I wear them because they are fun and joyful to me; however; I have noticed they are fun and joyful to others!!!

      Thank you so much for your comment!!!

  13. une femme

    You and all of the women here look so gorgeous in your “Festivity Crowns!” What a wonderful idea.

    1. penelopebi@me.com

      I cannot tell you the fun I and my friends and children and grandchildren have had since I discovered that first one! I think I have started a “trend”!!!

      Everyone smiles!!! People stop me on the street! (yes; every now and then I wear them on the street!!!)

      But to almost every party! It spreads joy! People say…..what is that “hat”?

      I say….”It is a festivity crown!!” and most people say….”well; whatever it is, it makes me happy to see it!!!”
      which, in turn, makes me happy!!!

      (I claim no credit for the “idea”! The lady who made my first one….I spied through the window….and then made my four more…..is who gets the credit!! It is she who combined buttons, seashells, all kinds of marvelous things….and Elizabeth knows her from Carmel…and knows her name!!!) Elizabeth! Please relply!

      Funny! Elizabeth and I had never met; and she had one made by the exact same lady in Carmel. She was shopping with her mother….and she saw it. Her mother said….”I think you need to have that!”!!!

      My mother I lost when I was 33 (way too young!!!!); I think is the one who told me when I saw that in the window….”you have to have that!!!” from her spot in heaven!!!
      so now I have so many! I wear them all the time!!! Recently; I didn’t wear one at something for Poppy (10th grade); and I whispered (I didn’t wear my festivity crown, Sweetie!) And she said, “GRANNY!!! Why not????” I will from now on!
      Yay Poppy!!!! And thank you to you!!!

    2. penelopebi@me.com

      Thank you!!!

  14. Heather in Arles

    All of this is just so perfect and Poppy’s response thrilled me to pieces! Why not indeed? Our world is getting so normalized that there is hardly any fun left. So brava for you to being true to yourself and bringing so much happiness to everyone around you…

  15. Poppy

    How delightfully pretty, the crowns and the ladies!


  16. Rié|Portobello Design

    Your granddaughters are beautiful; I think Poppy looks so much like you! Happy belated, lovely Birthday to you and your make me smile Festivity crowns!

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