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One of my very favorite blogs is “Hooked on Houses”!  She has a huge following and is always interesting!

She did a whole post on our house;  and combined some photographs from a House Beautiful article with others, and I was thrilled with the results!  Her taste and sensibility are excellent; and combined with  her understanding of architecture and comfort make her blog wonderful reading and educational as well!

There are so many great parts of her blog!  Prepared to get “Hooked on”Hooked on Houses”!!!!


If you’d like read the article and see more pictures, go to Hooked on House’s website.


Some of the funniest things are the “bad MLS Listings”   There are so many great things on this website!  I was very honored that she did a post on our house!

(By the way, the price has been reduced!)








10 thoughts on “Hooked on Houses Provencal farmhouse feature

  1. The Devoted Classicist

    Your house looks absolutely charming!

  2. Pamela

    Oh my soul.
    How can you possibly think of leaving this place??

  3. Julia @ Hooked on Houses

    Well, you just made my day! Thank you so much for the shout-out for my blog.

    I’m in love with your house and wish I could buy it myself. 🙂

  4. Nella

    Penny, more for the eye to delight in again!
    It gets better everytime I see it and I always see something I had missed before.
    I LOVE the Virginia creeper and your rustic courtyard table. I found a similar one this summer and passed it up. I am going to call the dealer and see if he still has it!N. xo

  5. Karen


    I love the images I’ve seen of your home…but I also understand the need to move on, down size, move closer to loved ones, whatever. I can hardly wait to see where you move and what magic you do to the house you ultimately call “home”!

  6. Greet

    Dear Penelope,
    I coudn’t believe my eyes!!! What a gorgeous house you have and what a marvellous taste you have!! I could move in it immediately!!!
    Can you really abandon this jewel!
    Wish you a wonderful day!!!

    1. penelopebi

      Oh Greet!! I will be very careful to whom I sell this treasure!
      I am looking forward to a new project However; the person who buys this will have to answer a lot of questions about the ducks!

      I will take our chickens with us!

      Unless; the buyers want to keep them! They do make sure there are no slugs and snails……however……the hawks come and we need to go out (Adam is especially good at this); he shoots the bee bee gun into the branches…..and the hawk stays away for at least two weeks! (he makes sure he hits no one!)

  7. Thoughts on Design

    We designers are always itching to take on new projects, aren’t we??? (Although I’d have a very hard time walking away from this one!) I’m sure your next project will be just as special!

    Loved your story about the hawks! My Dad was always chasing the rabbits and deer out of our garden. It was a never ending and loosing battle.


  8. French Kissed

    Yes, Penny…you do have the right “French somethingorother” and I am so looking forward to meeting you on Thursday. I have never heard it called Mexican Lavender, but it may be a more familiar name…I do have Spanish Lavender which is lovely too but not much fragrance…it has the little “butterfly wings” at the end of each wand. My Mexican Sage has no fragrance other than that sagey aroma…and as a matter of fact while I was doing my little photo shoot one of the candles caught the leaves on fire (they smolder) and it smelled as if I was “smudging” my home…you know the Native American tradition. Don’t know if you can use the leaves of this variety for cooking…will have to check that out. See you on Thursday! All the best,


  9. Heather

    Penelope, it was so lovely to see more photos of your incredibly beautiful home. I love it more every time I see it–it makes me dream! There is so much…heart (for lack of a better word) put into every corner–right down to the copper pots that I imagine you actually use!

    I am thinking of you today. Sending good energy for a lovely evening with our beautiful friend Brooke. I will be raising an imaginary glass your way (in quite a few hours, it is early here!).

    Perhaps for your next project you will need to come back to Provence? Just for a refresher? 🙂

    With all my very best from Arles,

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