I have to push "pause"!

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Grandparent’s Day at Crane School Sunday with Poppy (Penelope) 13;  and Tommy , 9, and Adam my husband!

It was 80 degrees, if you can believe it!!

I cannot tell you how much fun it is to post a blog every week or so!  There is always something I am excited about!!  and that has not changed!

What has changed is that there is a member of my family who has developed some medical problems.

I am on call to help with my grandchildrenI can’t even think straight…..let alone…..do my blog!

I know you will all understand.

Also, my assistant who helps with the photos on my blog  is having a wonderful time “en vacances”  in Kauai surfing!

I will be back……I have four or five (I hope interesting posts)  I am just unable to do any at the moment!

Thank you for being my friends……..and I do consider you all my friends…

I have some really exciting things coming up here………(go Brooke! Velvet and Linen!)

 We are going to a book signing with my best friends in Palm Beach Florida and Lars and Nadine Bolander.

 You may remember the book signing at our house  for Lars’ book is where Brooke  and Steve and I met!

Lars’ book is  “Lars Bolanders Scandinavian Design”;

and Brooke and Steve will be signing  their beautiful book “Patina Style”  at the Bolander’s  wonderful store in West Palm Beach!!

They are online and have the most unusual and wonderful things

I have ever seen in one store!  EVER!!!  They have another store in New York in the Design Center.

The name of their store is,   Lars Bolander!

It will be such fun to show Brooke and Steve around Palm Beach!  They have never been!

I am just out of commission for a while.  I think next week I can pick up again!

My favorite was  when I was fretting….with my nine year old grandson……

“ohhhh I can’t do my blog!!”  Tommy said ;  (he is nine)  “Grannny, what’s a  blog?”

Do I know?  No!

I told him:  “You know how I love to tell stories?”  He said, “yes, and I love all your stories!”

(he gets something big in my will for that one!)

I said, “that is what my blog is;  telling my stories!”

I think that is sooo funny!

Please help me…….and thank you for your patience.  I will  post some pictures.  So…what the heck is a “blog”???

I hope you miss me;  and I hope you will welcome me back!  I miss you!


14 thoughts on “I have to push "pause"!

  1. Miranda

    You have, most definitely, been missed. I have checked every day to see if you had posted something new. I too, enjoy your stories (Not expecting anything in the will 😉
    I look forward to your next post. Have a wonderful time in Palm Springs and I hope the medical issues are happily resolved.
    SF Bay Area

    1. penelopebi

      Thank you! I do love Palm Springs, California……..we are on our way to Palm Beach Florida!! And I think you will find it fun and different.

      Thank you . You really have no idea how your comment has touched me.

  2. Thoughts on Design

    Sally and I have missed you. Your enthusiasm and verve for life is so contagious. We can be patient, family first – always!

    We’re trying to get a post up on our site about our trip to Las Vegas last week, where Sally spoke in front of the International Design Guild. Life keeps getting in the way!!! Maybe tonight…


    PS: We tell people who ask us about our blog that we’re writing letters to the world about our passion – design.

  3. Kathy Avakian

    I too hope for a speedy recovery Penny for your son-in-law.

    Love the picture of you and Adam and the Grandchildren!


  4. Karen

    Of course you will be missed. You are on my list of “must reads” and I’m always thrilled to see an email notification that you have posted something new. Take your time, we’ll all be waiting for your return.

  5. Pam

    Thoughts, prayers and strength to you and your loved ones. Eagerly anticipating your return. p.s. Did you ever hear from anyone the name of the pattern of your gorgeous “bird plates?”

  6. Nella

    Hi Penelope, your stories are always so informative and especially entertainig!!! Your blog is a fun place to visit…I hope all will be good again in your world, and yes, will miss your musings here. N.xoxox

  7. Michelle

    Well wishes to you and your family!

  8. La Contessa

    Everything will be just fine!THINK POSITIVE!

  9. Heather

    As soon as I saw the photo pop up, I had the biggest smile on my face–the love you have for your grandchildren is just so obvious–as is their love for you!! However I am SO sorry to hear that there is illness in the family. I am sending thoughts of strength and health.

    I have no idea how to define a blog–they seem to be such different things for different people–but your definition is just dandy. And what is wonderful about them is that you can leave them when you need to–it will be there when you return as will your adoring readers.

    Bisous from Arles,

  10. Millie

    What a blow that life has got in the way of blogging Penelope – how dare it!! See you soon with all your news.
    Millie x

    1. penelopebi

      What lovely comments I have received! Honestly, I have wept with gratitude and appreciation! Things have stabilized! I will be back at it soon!

      thank you so much for your support. You have no idea how much it means!

      Or, sorry, you probably do know how much it means! Thank you!

  11. Kathy

    Go, we will be waiting for you.

    Embrase this time with your family
    prays are coming your way.


  12. Karena

    Penelope I am keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers!

    By the way you are the most stylish grandparents ever!

    Art by Karena

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