My Christmas post!

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This is my Christmas Post!!!

It is someone else’s Christmas Post!  “Splenderosa”!

It feels OK to me to be using it;   not plagiarism if I give credit where credit is due!

I hope so!

It is so perfect, and splendid, I had to share it with all of you!

Have a wonderful holiday season , everyone!

Happy Holidays!!!!

Who gets to have 10 dogs!?  And  who gets them all to stay still in costume?

There is also one horse…..and behind the upper center dog…are those ears of a donkey???  Now that is where I will go if I get heaven!!!

(front center of this picture!  In my halo and wings!)

A magician is who can do this!

And check out her lovely affordable jewelry!


ps  (no sponsors;  no advertising!  all 24 of you are just getting my favorite stories and favorite things!)

here’s where I found it!

12 thoughts on “My Christmas post!

  1. Jennings & Gates: Notes from a Virginia Country House


  2. Heather

    Oh Penelope, can you imagine? I am seeing this right before heading off to sleep. The happy dreams that I am going to have tonight because of course this is just a slice of Heaven if ever there was one. Thank you again so much for all of your kindness. I am so grateful to our lovely Brooke so that I could find you here. Wishing you a wonderful windup of this year and to the year ahead! Hooray!

  3. Susan Scheer

    Thank you! Merry Merry to you…..adorable, the best and truest of friends have four feet!

  4. Nella

    Penelope, this is so dear….so simple and telling. Makes me smile, more of what we all need these days. Wishing you a beautiful Christmas,N.xo

  5. Karen

    It’s got to be the breed, right? Labs and retrievers…so well behaved. My 2 doggies would be chasing each other all over the barn! I’m with you, wouldn’t it be grand to have time and space for more animals?
    xo and Merry Christmas to you!

  6. Tracey

    How lovely. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You My Friend.

  7. penelopebi

    from email:

    This is adorable!
    When I come back to this planet I insist
    on living with you as a dog, what a life!
    Much Love,

  8. penelopebi

    One more thing; from me! It must be the breed is right! These are Labs…one of my friends, (whose brother and family raise “rescue” dogs..all labs says “it’s the breed!!)

    However; I must point out: in the round basket in front of the “burro” or donkey (I can only see ears)
    is a terrier!

    So? What say you about the terrier?!?

    It is just my favorite of many favorite Christmas pictures!

    Love and happy Seasons to all of you!



    ps thank you for your heartfelt comments…..they mean everything to me!

  9. designchic

    This is beyond adorable…made my day!! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season ~

  10. Shelley

    WONDERFUL-! I just adore this-!

  11. Sandra Jonas

    How absolutely fabulous!
    Have wonderful holidays Penny, fill of light laughter and joy!

  12. Millie

    Yes Penelope, this is the perfect Christmas tableau. I hope your Christmas Day was filled with much joy with your family. Love from Dowm Under where the weather is very hot & we are all jostling for the chair closest to the air conditioner.
    Millie xx

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