New tv show! “The Real Houses of….”

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Our house is featured in an episode of “The Real Houses of…..”  on the W network in Canada!

The series of shows were filmed this last Spring;  and were shown this fall season.  We were in the episode “Southwest USA”;  and we thought they did a nice job of showing our house!

They were lovely to work with;  and it is fun to see  what their perspective was !  The other houses in the episode were completely different!

It is always an experience to see  yourself on television!


If you want to see the whole episode;  here is the link to download and watch:

I hope you enjoy!!!

7 thoughts on “New tv show! “The Real Houses of….”


    FABULOUS!!!!!!!!This is WONDERFUL………since I have been a guest in that MURPHY bed I can state it is a hard room to leave.Everything has a story…….which I adore.The animals the chickens which they did not capture have their OWN magical chateau out back………….and what is SO extraordinary is to sit at that HEAVY CRANED in table at dusk and watch the QUAIL come marching home to their home in the brush.
    The home isNOT decorated in the true sense of the word; it is an ACCUMULATION of items that PENELOPE loves……………..
    AND BOY does it WORK!!!!!!!!!!


      You are a sweetheart!!!


      And you are a soulmate and a sweetheart!!!

  2. vicki archer

    Your home is even more fabulous and exquisite than I imagined Penny… .. Your attention to detail is superb.
    So totally wonderful… 🙂 xv

  3. Sandra Sallin

    Oh this is….no words. Fabulous in every detail yet so liveable, welcoming and when do I move in. Truly a labor of love and style.Bravo! Love seeing the video bringing it all to life..

  4. Stacie B

    I’m in awe! The “pillow” on the master bed, sweet husband’s comment about TV storage, guest house Murphy bed, the master tub!, kitchen sink, multi-colored kitchen cabinets….everything is Devine. May you continue to have years of love in your home. And food and wine!

  5. cindy hattersley

    So gorgeous! It is so fun to see all of the interiors. It is so timeless…just love it!!

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