"Porch" a wonderful store!

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Porch!  A lovely store in Carpinteria had a   ” Winter Fest”!!


 The co-owners Christy and Diana are talented and energetic; and their store is truly special!!!

They describe their wares as “Shelter and Nature”.  They have all kinds of things for bringing the outside in, and bringing the inside out!  And these women  (who own it and work there) really know how to “style” a showroom and garden!



Here is a little sample!  A tiny olive tree in a pot;  a hand-carved bowl, pomegranates, and portable wine glasses for wine tastings!




Of course, in the advertising for the event;  my dear friend’s book “Patina Style”;  was front and center!!  It is such a beautiful  book!  Even before you open it up!


From holiday cards to unusual ornaments;  the most special things you don’t see anywhere else!


 I love these little crowned birds to wire on branches!!





Ropes of pearls for the tree!


 I love these little bells!  with natural twine !  They make the best noise!!


 They have some furniture, such a unusual table made from driftwood!

I always love birds;  and so do they!

 And to top it off!!!  There were the “Barrel Boys” smoking turkey that had been brined and smoked for eight hours!  The best turkey sandwich with homemade cranberry sauce!

They cater and they make barrels to smoke food in!


7 thoughts on “"Porch" a wonderful store!

  1. Thoughts on Design

    Wonderful, inspiring Sunday evening post. Filled me with good cheer!


  2. Pamela

    Ah, my heart beats faster.
    I love the holidays!

  3. Kathy Avakian

    About ‘Porch’ ,Great place with great ideas you could take any object in that store and build a whole Christmas setting from it~ I personally loved the little cowbells and bought 6 for my tree~ I got a little glow from standing next to Penny, the great blogger everyone had heard about! PLUS I can’t forget those awesome wicker chairs they had next door at “hummingbird” she bought them at IKEA! I thought they must have been from some high end store in Montecito, they were beautifully crafted and had the best driftwood gray patina.Love Love Love!! So many ideas packed into just 30 min of walking around, OMG the food book!! Gotta buy that food book too, that quinoa salad was deliciouso!!

    Kathy ~ PillowBeach

  4. velvet and linen

    I need to visit Porch in their new location.
    I’m so happy to hear that more shops are opening up on Santa Claus Lane. It’s such a charming place.

    I can’t believe they sell our book. When you sent me their advertisement I was so thrilled to see Patina Style.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful images. I find stores to be very difficult to shoot because all of the merchandise stacks up on itself. That’s why I focus on small vignettes. You did a great job!

    xo xo

  5. patricia gaye tapp

    such a pretty spot-I confess I love glitter at Christmas, (but mostly Only Christmas!) pgt

  6. eclectic revisited

    what a lovely store…the Christmas ornaments are so pretty..but then again, I have Christmas decorating on the brain… 🙂
    lovely blog..your chicks are so sweet…
    I found your blog via John and Sally Kelsey of Thoughts on Design blog…

  7. Bette

    Looking forward to visiting “Porch” and it appears they have lots to see in their store. Thanks for this great post looks like the perfect place to start at for the holiday of grand order Christmas!

    Happy Thanksgiving Penny & Adam!

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