The last “by invitation only”! WHAT AN HONOR!!!!

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Hi there!


This is the last of “By invitation only”

I adore that Marsha;  who started it.  I have no idea how she did it;  and I am still

relying on her to connect me with “Mr. Linky” tonight !

My first experience with a blog (and there was not such a word)

was with

I read about it….and bought a computer so I could go on the internet and read it!

That is the God’s truth!

I love it to this day….and it is the only thing my darling husband reads

on the internet!

Then I started reading other things….David Patrick Columbia never used the

word “blog”.  I don’t think it was invented yet!

I discovered “AnAesthete’s Lament”

Lordy!  what a treasure!

All I know about blogs is the friends I have made!  Starting with

David Patrick Columbia….we are fast friends….


I was just in New York…..and he wrote a post on me!  It is funny!


I was in New York for a fun and wonderful celebration

with my daughter’s childhood and lifelong friend’s triumph  on Broadway with

his movie being made a musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber!

All in a blog!  Then my blog!  (oh,  I haven’t blogged about it yet

but I will!)

My friends Brooke and Steve Giannetti……

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 12.15.51 PM

seriously great and true friends met because  of her blog.

I seriously choke up when I talk about them  Such treasured friends.  All through blogs. All.

All because of blogs.  Hers.  and she encouraged me.  Why I have one.

James Andrew!  Are you kidding?  The coolest and most wonderful friend and man!

I just had lunch and dinner with him in New York!

(with Emily Evans Eerdmans who has abandoned her blog and is writing important books and has an important antiques store that is seriously fabulous!)

Did James and McBee and I and my dogs have fun here in Montecito???

You decide!!!


Elizabeth… contessa…..the incomparable divine friend

sent from heaven….and her beloved aunt lived less than a quarter of a mile from my

favorite house in all of Montecito…..are  you kidding?

The gifts of blogs have been great!

do I think they are about over?

Yes.  I do.

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 12.40.34 AM

I  posted a blog about meeting Donna Karan here in Montecito

and wearing a coat she designed 43 years ago…..(I am not kidding)

when she was 25 and working for Anne Klein!  She recognized it in the bookstore

in Montecito!  I saw it on her face!  She did!  It was such a thrill….and I wrote about it;

and she recognized it!  It was a thrill for both of us!

(she said I “made her year”!)  She made my “decade”!

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 11.37.21 PM

What fun!

Who knows?

What  I do know is that blogging has been wonderful for me;

I have met great people….and had great fun!

And thank you Marsha for organizing all of this for us! Elizabeth and I will meet up with you somewhere!  And soon!

We are all terribly sorry you had to go through that awful

thing with your husband….I am so sorry……and I know we all are!

You are a great leader!!

Brava !!!


11 thoughts on “The last “by invitation only”! WHAT AN HONOR!!!!


    I did meet you through the BLOG WORLD……..and it was most likely through BROOKE!I followed YOU and then saw you had a set of dishes from Italy and I had ONE CUP I bought at a market in GREVE!I love how I popped in with MY ITALIAN HUSBAND just to say HELLO.Which has resulted into THREE VISITS to YOUR home and one up NORTH where you took me to the FALL ANTIQUE show to meet HUTTON and FYLNN!Who by the way contacted me last night about being in Los Angeles…….and having breakfast, lunch or DINNER!!Your husband likes the NEW YORK SOCIAL DIARY because of old friends…………..You LOVE blogs to see the BEAUTY and to make NEW FRIENDS!!!!I consider MYSELF VERY LUCKY to have found YOU!AS I told ARI SETH COHEN who YOU met a few weeks before me………..I am a younger version of PENELOPE!!!!How he was trying to describe your head bit still makes me SMILE……..OF course ONLY YOU and ME would wear OUR FESTIVITY CROWNS out in PUBLIC!!!!I think WE Need to find some NEW ONES in the NEW YEAR!DON’t STOP blogging…… just had your site re~DONE!!!!!!XOXO


    Darling you are soooo delicious and we had such a lovely time with you here in NYC!

    Cant wait to see more of your part of the world through your exquisite eye!



  3. Marsh

    I can feel the Earth move under my feet when I speak with you and/or read your blog posts. You are incredible and an amazing woman. YOU should write a book. Absolutely write a book. I am thanking you for your contributions to B.I.O., Penelope !!! Just exactly the right amount of wit, wisdom and zest for life. You husband is one lucky man !!!

  4. La Pouyette - Karin

    What an interesting and well written/designed “final” post for our BIO blog-event, created by dear friend Marsha!
    Simply good! Let’s keep blogging!
    Warmest Season Greetings from the Périgord,

  5. cindy hattersley

    I have followed this almost since it ‘s inception. I will miss all of the participants lovely and inspiring posts. I know how much work you all have put in to them monthly. Happy Holidays!

  6. vicki archer

    Have a wonderful holiday season, Penelope and the happiest of holidays… xv


      Thank you to you and all the lovely bloggers who have made this all so much fun! Please keep blogging!

  7. Poppy

    Your home is beautiful, Penelope! Thank you for always inspiring me with your elegant, signature style!



      Thank you Poppy!!!

  8. Lillian Plummer

    A little late to your party Penny! Did read your blog in the early days but could not leave a comment. Your site has changed and made it so easy for novices like me to manoeuvre. Totally agree how blogs and now Instagram has totally changed my life. I have always been a house decorator and collector but never exposed to such talented creative people, living in the other side of the world. I was always made to feel “abnormal” because of my love of anything interior and my huge plate collection. I buy houses to renovate and furnish, then sell and then keep the props. I am my own best client! By magic I have found like minded people and I am enthralled and forever grateful. I first heard of you the “chicken lady” on Oprah, who also is an inspirational woman and admired by so many. Loved she brought you back a ceramic chicken from Italy as way of a peace offering! xx


      Oh my goodness! What an enormous compliment! I so appreciate it! You have inspired me to continue! thank you so much!!!
      Never too late to a party! Thank you for coming!!!!
      Where do you live?

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