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Penelope Bianchi

Penelope Bianchi loves to tell stories.

Especially about her family and her animals, but also about the Hungarian artist Marcel Vertès, how to coax outside vines to creep indoors, or how to lay a wavy-tiled roof (tell the installers to pretend they are drunk). She is always excited about something or someone–whether it’s an exquisite antique tapestry pillow, a newly discovered trove of vintage trims, or the ducklings that just hatched in her pond. Although she is a shamelessly proud grandmother, she has never outgrown her child-like  enthusiasm, and is still highly prone to superlatives. Everything is THE BEST! THE MOST BEAUTIFUL! THE MOST AMAZING (insert most recent chicken sandwich, Italian villa, art lecture here)! Fortunately, her enthusiasms are contagious and utterly compelling, resulting in long-lasting relationships and multiple projects with clients who forgive Penelope her reliance on the exclamation point.

“A house should feel personally collected, – not decorated”

Penelope believes in following the architecture of a space and gaining an understanding of her clients’ temperaments, families, and lifestyles. With over 40 years’ experience in the design world; she brings to each project a vast knowledge of art and architecture, as well as a personal and professional passion for all things beautiful.

Though she has a weakness for old Fortuny fabrics, patina “on anything,” and Venetian antiques, Penelope believes houses should be a reflection of the people who live there. “A house should feel personally collected, and not decorated,” she maintains. She doesn’t have a single “style”; rather, she approaches all projects, great and small, with her experienced eye, positivism, and professionalism.

Penelope began her career in Pasadena, and has resided in Montecito with her husband, Adam (also her business partner), for the past 14 years. Her work has been featured in Santa Barbara Magazine, House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Garden Design; as well as in the books, The Los Angeles House, by Tim Street-Porter; and Santa Barbara Living, by Diane Dorrans Saeks. She loves her profession, and can’t wait to hear your story.

Our house is featured in an episode of “The Real Houses of…..”  on the W network in Canada!

The series of shows were filmed this last Spring;  and were shown this fall season.  We were in the episode “Southwest USA”;  and we thought they did a nice job of showing our house!




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