Happy Mother’s Day!

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One of my readers wrote me today that she was thinking of how “dashing” my father was in

my little film we found of my parent’s wedding in 1934!

She gave me the idea to run it again on Father’s Day!!

I ran this last year on Mother’s Day, and for anyone who didn’t see it, you might enjoy it!!

I had a wonderful Mother!!  And a wonderful Father!!!

 She was the creative behind my own creativity;  although my father, (whom I cannot remember)  was extremely creative as well!

I owe so much to my mother;  and since she died when I was 33;  I never really was able to thank her for her encouragement

and support of a talent……that really barely had a “job description”  when I started “decorating”!

So, I decided, in honor of my talented and wonderful mother , to repost this “surprise” film  I discovered this past year!  (thanks to my cousin and her contractor!)

I hope those of you who haven’t seen it will enjoy it!  Those who have seen it can push “delete!!

Now we begin the original post……..shortly after we discovered this film!!   (78 years after it was filmed!!!):

So,  I decided to share the thing I  am most  thankful for in a long, long time!

Honestly;  the best “Surprise Present” I have ever received   (that was not alive!)  is this!

I was born in 1947 in Los Angeles;  My mother was 40 years old when I was born (that was a neighborhood scandal!)  I have a brother born in 1938; ( there were blood issues ;  now easily solved);

 however, my mother lost 7 pregnancies after my brother;  who was born in 1939!

My Daddie died when I had just turned 4;  I heard wonderful stories about him;   I have some great photographs of him which I treasure….and are on my walls!

I don’t remember him…really…except little  tiny “snippets”..I never saw him “move”; and I didn’t remember any “mannerisms” or  “body language”.

My mother was an enormous influence…..we were incredibly  close;  I learned everything I know  from her;  and she was a total pistol;

until Parkinson’s took her down at 67  (YIKES!)  and took her life at 70.

So:  my cousin Paulette calls me to say she found a yellow “Kodak” box with my father’s name on it;  inside is a roll of film with a date stamp of “June  20 1950”

I think it might be my birthday party!   Off it toodles to be turned into a disc!    I put it into my laptop;  and this is the story!

It is a film of them right after their wedding!!

It was a “silent movie” filmed 16 years earlier;  in 1934! It is a movie (when you had to crank it up……and let it wind  out…..and  crank it up again!)

My mother was 26; my father 32; they were married in Yuma Arizona, in 1934!

Right after the ceremony; this person filmed them leaving the “Justice of the Peace” office;

 and off they went to some divine hotel with a cousin; filmed by someone! In 1934!

After they left for the hotel, they were filming each other and talking to each other!

My father took it to the film store to update the film 16 years later.  He knew he was dying;  I think he did so so we could watch it when he was gone!  He died in 1951.

This is the 3 minute film.

Having a movie of my parents right after they are married is great enough;  however, this is the first time I have ever seen my Daddie “move”!

It means more to me than I can express!

One of my friends said it so beautifully!

She said….”this shows the power of film to bring people back to us”!

Watching it, I felt they were blowing kisses at me!

I saw a lot of love here!  Please share your comments!

Pretty darn stylish people;  and the cutest car!  A 1934 Ford Cabriolet with a rumble seat!

An incredible gift!!!

click on the arrow

to view!!!


50 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. The Devoted Classicist

    Dear Penelope, I am very fortunate to have had my mother give me love and emotional support for almost sixty years. She recently passed at age 91 due to complications from Parkinson’s Disease. All things considered, her mind was essentially good to almost the end, however, and that was a blessing. And she looked fabulous — unfortunately we did not share the looks genes. But I got lots from her otherwise. Best wishes to you,
    _John T

  2. Penelope Bianchi

    You were lucky indeed!
    Thank you!!! I adore your blog!

  3. Penelope Bianchi

    Via email:

    Dear Penny,
    Am in my hotel in Paris just
    enjoying this loving video.
    Many thanks, happy Mother’s
    PS Love the baby chicks!

  4. Penelope Bianchi

    via email:

    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, how divine.
    I see u, I see ella, I see poppy. we need her secrets
    to being an inch wide, as well.

    so cute, so happy, so fun. it is great to see ur mom
    who I feel I know from all you have said, but to see
    her “in action”…nothing I cd have imagined wd have
    made her so real to me.

    I am in Paris
    walking, walking, trying to lose my pounds.
    and having a ball!

    1. Penelope Bianchi

      this is a lifelong friend to me…Rebecca……a designer of jewelry……I have known my entire life!! (it feels like);

      I had “shows” at our house….and Rebecca sold her fabulous jewelry!

      Honestly…..36 years….or close!

      How wonderful to still be close friends!!


  5. Penelope Bianchi

    Thank you!

    My grandchildren all thought it was their mother!!

    ( My daughter, Ella, named after my mother)!!!

  6. Penelope Bianchi

    Via email:

    Hi Penny,

    That was a wonderful film of your folks — thanks for sharing it. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have a lip reader look watch it and tell you what they’re saying?

    1. Penelope Bianchi

      where do I find a “lip reader”?


  7. Penelope Bianchi

    How do I find a lip reader? Anyone???

  8. Cyndia Montgomery

    What an absolute treasure you have! Your parents look so happy, and your mother’s smile lights up the world. I’m so happy you have this beautiful video to remember your father by.

    1. Penelope Bianchi

      Thank you! I am so moved by people who relate to this!

      I almost didn’t post it! Then, I thought……this is “universal!”

      Even someone whose mother died recently at 91 was the very first comment!

      I am so glad I posted! (3rd year in a row….after I found it!) It remains the biggest treasure! YIKES!!!

    2. Penelope Bianchi

      thank you so much for commenting! Honestly; it is the most wonderful gift! And surprise!

      Happy Mother’s day! And thank you so much for your comment!

  9. Penelope Bianchi

    Via email: (do try clicking on the title……) then you can leave comments and it is a better format!

    I adore the comment from my sister-in-law! and I adore HER!!!

    “Absolutely adore the baby chicks on Mother’s Day and your parents’ wedding video is a wondrous gift…..loved it….and I see your mother in you AND Ella !!!


    1. Penelope Bianchi

      Sweet Poppy and Tommy thought, actually……that it WAS Ella!!

      It is astonishing how genetic things are transferred! Yowzers……the manners were scary/same!!!

      Some of my friends……(from way back) thought it was me! Ella’s kids thought it was actually “Ella”!!!

      I love that you saw us both! You have known us for 38 years……a long time! Isn’t it?

      I love you Wendy!!!

      Wasn’t that such a gift from heaven!?


  10. Cathy

    Have you found a lip reader???
    How wonderful to live & share a legacy of ” SMILING”!
    Thank you for your gift of sharing.
    You & yours inspire us all!

  11. Marketdecor

    Hi Penelope,

    This is my first visit to your blog! I discovered you through Cote de Texas – I thought, she seems interesting and likable so I decided to check out your blog. I haven’t had the chance to look all around but so far I have to say I really admire your design and decorating work – stunning.

    You are so lucky to have this film of your parents – they really look so great and also very kind – lovely bright smiles.

    I will have fun going through your archives and getting to know you through your blog!

    Best Regards, Cindy

  12. Penelope Bianchi

    Thank you so much and WELCOME!!!!

  13. Marietta

    Oh how I love that you have posted this again!!

  14. Wendy Allen

    Dear Penelope!
    Oh how I enjoyed this film! I had MY hanky out by the end!
    Your parents were clearly very much in love! What a handsome man your father was and your mother was so chic and full of personality, just as you are.
    Truly a most treasured fabulous find!
    Have you found a lip reader yet?
    Kindest regards,

  15. Penelope Bianchi

    No! Do you know one? Maybe someone will!!! I would love to know the words……..although watching them shows so much love; as you said so beautifully!

    Wasn’t this the luckiest find EVER?

    Thank you!!!

  16. Joni Webb

    Wow!! Wow! you look just like your mother – that was amazing. and your father – so handsome. they look so happy. what a great treat to find – you are so lucky.

    thanks for sharing this!!!!!!!


  17. Judi

    Such a great gift to you. We have lots of old home movies of family and this makes me want to get ahold of them and revisit all the old memories. your mama was beautiful. You can see that she was such a lovely person.. Full of fun! Thank you for sharing. I subscribed to your blog sometime ago and was just thinking of you the other day and wondering when I would see another post and here it is! Thank you!

  18. Penelope Bianchi

    Thank you! I will be posting some new posts…so many people wanted to see my “old” (not that long ago!!)

    I plan to repost “old blogs” with new information or slants!

    Thank you for joining!!

  19. Penelope Bianchi

    received via email:
    This made me cry, saw this last year. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the Moms in the world.

  20. Penelope Bianchi

    Thank you! Think of it!

    We can see “full of fun” (you are right on…she was so full of fun!!”

    77 years later orwhateveritis!

    This happiness and love and beautiful surroundings and even a lovely car! (it wasn’t expensive car; it was just a beautiful car!) I thought to buy one! Guess what! I could! There is one available….fully restored; $85,000.00!!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

  21. Penelope Bianchi

    HI there! There are so many brand-new subscribers; I think I will repost many blogs!

    I will add some new ones; also; however so many people don’t know how to work; or came late!

    Reposting will be happening unless I receive negative feedback!

    Please give feedback!

    When I started there were not many blogs! Brooke (my hero) at Velvet and Linen inspired me to start!

    But she knows her way around all of social media!

    I am completely lost in the forest!

    I will follow my heart…I am so happy you like this repost!

    It was a truly astonishing experience!!!

  22. Penelope Bianchi

    Thank you Judi! I will be writing more!

    I love your enthusiasm about my blog!

    Wow!! How things have changed ! I so appreciate your input!!!


  23. Alison at The Gracious Posse

    I remember watching this last year and thinking what an incredible gift! No way to top it. Happy Mother’s Day!

  24. Design Chic

    A treasure indeed, Penelope. What a beautiful couple and love seeing your resemblance to your mother!! That is a true Mother’s Day gift…

  25. Kathryn

    a treasure. Absolutely priceless. One can see who much they loved one another…how affectionate your father was. Lovely!

  26. Penelope Bianchi

    via email:

    Penny–This is the most loving video I have ever seen. So amazing that you have this to forever hold on to.
    It is just wonderful—Continually Kayley

  27. Michele @ Portlandia Vintage

    Penny, Your parents would be so proud of you and all you have accomplished.

    1. Penelope Bianchi

      What a lovely thing to say! Thank you so much! From my heart!!!

  28. Sarah K

    I love your video. What a wonderful treasure to have. The love between them is so touching. I have some old movies of my parents who are both gone now too from the 50’s & 60’s. For me too, it’s like visiting with them for a few minutes when I watch them.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  29. Bill Tomicki

    All those sweet kisses were blown, I feel, just for you, Penny. They waited patiently for decades to fly from your loving parents lips to you. And they are much deserved. It is never too late to send a kiss to someone—or to receive one. Even these, after so many years, are filled with such power and magic. I am so grateful you shared this touching filmette with me…silent? Hardly. It loudly sings of sparkling young love. Fondly, Bill

    1. Penelope Bianchi

      Well! What can I say! I have loved every single comment!
      I adored yours! And you are a brilliant writer!

      Thank you!! Brilliant explanation!

      This divine man and his wife live in Montecito,,,and they collaborate on the best travel secret thing EVER!
      Nothing happened here except a dinner and my sharing! “Entree is the secret society”!!

      “Insider information” is definitely legal in the travel industry!

      Just subscribe! It is better than the other good ones!

      (FUN” is a big factor!! (I have no sponsors!!)

  30. Penelope Bianchi


    I will make sure this is the right address! He is one step above the “Harper Collection”!

    (we have followed and subscribed for years)


  31. Penelope Bianchi

    via email from the Tomikis! “Entree” divine!!!

    All those sweet kisses were blown, I feel, just for you, Penny. They waited patiently for decades to fly from your loving parents lips to you. And they are much deserved. It is never too late to send a kiss to someone—or to receive one. Even these, after so many years, are filled with such power and magic. I am so grateful you shared this touching filmette with me…silent? Hardly. It loudly sings of sparkling young love. Fondly, Bill

  32. Penelope Bianchi


    That is exactly how I feel!
    Thank you from the depths of my heart!!


  33. Poppy

    Dear Penelope,

    I am so very grateful for your visit to Poppy View yesterday, for it brought me to your blog today, where I had the chance to see a little love story, starring two of the most enchanting characters I have ever seen. Thank you for this special screening, and for sharing the magical bond between your charming parents, indeed, a fairytale come true!


  34. Dee

    What a treasure. I can’t imagine having a movie of my parents so young. Your mother was so stylish and so adorable.what a fabulous couple they made. Thank you for sharing that beautiful video. and what a gift to the next generation.

  35. Elizabeth Kirkpatrick

    This is GORGEOUS!I have seen before when you POSTED but WE have never seen the film in its entirety!!Before the film ended before showing the HACIENDA I assume ARIZONA…….and your parents taking turns behind the wheel of the car!YOU LOOK JUST LIKE THEM!!!

  36. penelopebi@me.com

    thank you Elizabeth…..we are kindred souls…..and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    thank you also to DEE!! I think you two are the only ones who received this post!

    Lucky me to receive such loving responses! Thank you both!!



  37. penelopebi@me.com

    Dearest Dee! I forgot to tell you that both my grandchildren….tommy 13; and Poppy 16 thought my mother was their mother! (my daughter named after my mother!!)

    So true about the next generation! They adore it!!!!! Thank you for your comment!

  38. Taylor Greenwalt

    Hi Penny, What a wonderful film to have of your parents…your mom was such a special person and you look like her.. Both of my parents just recently died and I wish I had a movie of them when they were young. This is priceless!
    I also enjoyed the film of your home..it was fun to see the show after seeing your home in person…it was such a treat to come out and visit you..

    1. penelopebi@me.com

      It was a treat to have you! And your blog post about our house is one of my favorites! May I repost it?

      1. Taylor Greenwalt

        of course

  39. Alyssandra Smith

    Thank you for sharing Penny!!! This is a very moving clip of your parents.

  40. Nina

    What an adorable
    Little movie..
    Very authentic and beautiful!
    Thank yoi

  41. Susan

    Loved your parents video Penny!!! It’s so very special, they look so happy & filled with love! I see you & Ella in your beautiful mother. Thank you so much for sharing it!

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