Easter at the Lemon House

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This year Easter greeted us with a beautiful day and a fun filled event with family and friends.  We celebrated at a friends farm, known as the Lemon House.  Where what used to be a lemon packing house, a young family of four now resides.  Present at the party were three generations of several families; the hosts are close friends with our daughter Ella and her husband and children.

While the kids enjoyed an easter egg scavenger hunt the adults walked the property while sipping on fresh lemonade and snacking on delectables. The Lemon House has a wonderful history, built in the mid 1800’s, the farm is situated in the foothills of Carpinteria and is adorned with several charming barns and workers cottages.  


Below is a view from the side of the property showing one of the many old growth oaks the property is complete with.  Years ago the stage coach used to pull right up along side the house to load up lemons.

An ocean view from the lemon orchard!

The historical pictures above are one of the property’s houses as well as a photo of the staff in front of the barn, which still stands just below the main house!

Inside the house are sliding barn doors which separate the large open rooms.

Some of the Easter goodies!

The lemonade was served in mason jars!

Beautiful antique Meissen china, each plate with different fish.

Wearing my “festivity crown” for Easter.

Happy Easter!!

11 thoughts on “Easter at the Lemon House

  1. Kris

    Thank you Penelope for the wonderful photos and the history surrounding the home of your daughter’s friends.

    It is a very lovely house and I love the sliding barn doors separating the rooms. Great idea!

    Glad to see you had a wonderful Easter.


  2. Kathy Avakian

    Yum! I love deviled eggs! Thank you for sharing your Easter Penny! What a delightful property, it makes me so glad that good people live there and are preserving its history rather than taking it out to build a McMansion!
    xo always,
    PS We went to the Somis nut house and stocked up on chocolate, nuts and other tasty goodies, so fresh it’s addicting!

  3. beverley christenson

    Hi Penny welcome to blog world, love your post and will add to my favourites Beverley.

    1. penelopebi

      lovely to have you! I find this all very exciting!


  4. Marilyn Cataldie


    Hello, from Baton Rouge, LA….home of French Cajun Country, LSU Tigers and noted architect, the late A. Hays Town. Just a note to say “thank you” for sharing your inspiring home with those of us who cherish provencal design. I have followed your “petite hameau” since it’s first publication and have every article written about it in it’s own special file!

    I’m new to the computer…must less this blogging thing but I’m afraid I’m already addicted. I can’t seem to learn all I want to know fast enough!

    We are very spoiled here in Baton Rouge/New Orleans to have the influence of outstanding French and Spanish architecture and I have visited Provence numerous times…..your home has inspired me as much as anything I’ve seen in France or New Orleans! Thank you again for your generosity of spirit….please post more photos of Maison de Bianchi…I can’t get enough!!!

    Warm Wishes,

    PS I have pond also…we have French Toulouse geese. They have big white butts, precious bright orange beaks and they peck at my backdoor for us to come out in the mornings!

    1. penelopebi

      Dear Marilyn!!

      My, what a lovely compliment!!! I am so honored!!! If you are new to computers; did you know that in the “Inspiration” part at the word “more” if you click on it it takes you to more of that post and pictures. Also,in the “Press” section; if you click on the magazine cover and scroll down; the whole article is there. Actually; I think the best photographs were taken by my new and treasured friend Brooke’s husband, Steve of Velvet and Linen.
      go here:http://brookegiannetti.typepad.com/velvet_and_linen/lars-bolander/ (click, or copy and paste)!

      The blog world is turning out to be a wonderful adventure !!

      I have always loved A.Hays Town and his architecture!

      I would love to see pictures of your Toulouse geese!!!

  5. Marilyn Cataldie


    We are so opening a can of worms!!! I hear the passion and excitement in your voice about this blogging and I feel the same way. It’s bringing us together with a “sisterhood” of people who share the same love and obsession for design, nature, gardening, cooking and beautiful things in general. For me….that’s really what life and family is all about!

    Now…about those geese. They are quite characters really and I was a little scared of them at first. The first time I thought I’d “mess with em” they chased me into the house! They’ve settled in now and think they own the place. It’s not unusual to find them in the pool some mornings….and yes, they poop on the pool deck and they love sunning on the little pier I have in the pond….and they poop on that too! I just keep the pressure washer going….it’s a small price to pay for so much enjoyment. Next I want chickens like yours…I’ve wanted them ever since I saw that darn Martha Stewart with them….she just has everything! I covet that miniature pony of hers! I will definitely send pics of the geese….as soon as I figure out how to do it.

    I recently read Joni’s blog (Cote de Texas) and they are having a great tour of homes in Houston Sunday. I had planned to go ( only 5 hrs) but too much to do here. I’m remodeling….singlehandly…a wonderful house here in Baton Rouge and the projects never cease. My next husband…should I ever choose to do THAT again will have to come with a TOOLBELT or else!

    I’m so excited that you wrote back to me. I feel like I’ve connected with a movie star! I know I must sound like some groupie aka stalker (or a hillbilly) but when I tell my sister that we’ve communicated she won’t believe me. I put photos of your house and gardens together in a little “mac coffee table book” and gave it to her for her birthday. I included that fabulous pic of you all in white….ya really did look like a movie star in that pic…even a little sultry I might ad…just gorgeous!

    Thank you for your sweet, sweet kindness….your acknowledgement has just thrilled me to death. I am going to Mr.Town’s granddaughters wedding tomorrow night. His son, Sonny now lives in Mr.Town’s original house and the reception is there. I had the pleasure of owning one of his houses during my marriage and it was such an honor knowing him. I’ll share some of those stories with you another time.

    Well, I don’t want to bend your ear too much on our first date so I’ll close for now only to just jump right on those other photo sources!

    Many, Many Best Wishes!


  6. beverley christenson

    Wow such a fun blog, all chatting about exciting things I feel as if I have happened onto a long lost group of friends .Keep it going girls I think you are on a winner Hugs from Australia Beverley.

  7. penelopebi

    Well! I have the same feelings! YIKES!!!

    It is such a different experience than any I have had in my lifetime!

    I was thrilled out of my mind to be published in Traditional Home…..a national magazine……(cute story about that in a blog to be……complete serendipity!)

    However……..a magazine is published……who knows who reads it….there are letters to the editors….how many? Your article is just out there!

    Enter the internet! Think of it!! (I still cannot wrap my mind around 3 billion people watching the wedding yesterday on the tv and the internet..) I find it astonishing and wonderful in many ways!

    Thank you all for your interest……….I have decided that my very favorite activity of all is “storytelling”…I adore telling stories…….and that is what I will be doing with my blog.

    I hope you will find my “stories” interesting! They will involve animals…decorating, and all the exciting things I find every day of my life! I explained to my assistant…..”You never know what in the world you will find when you show up for work!” Same with my blog; I am assuming. I am still around a week?

    Thank you for being here!

    I have so much encouragement…..I appreciate it….and it inspires me!


  8. penelopebi

    ps….I know just what Brooke means…..and many of you who commented ..that one makes friends and connections in a whole new way.

    My very first blog (when I didn’t know what a blog was; and ( I am not sure it was even named yet)

    I was in a friend’s powder room in Montecito…..and I saw a copy of a newspaper I had never seen. The New York Observer. Well , I copied the stuff to order it down…….such interesting articles…….to ME! June; 2000!

    Such as; “The best Dry Cleaners to clean your fragile vintage clothes!” (I have always collected vintage clothes!)

    I didn’t really know any other people collected “Vintage clothes”

    In any case; I subscribed…..and I read an article about David Patrick Columbia. (2000). “New York Social Diary”!

    (I don’t think “blog” as invented yet……but it was one!…and still is……and a very successful one at that!)

    Reading “newyorksocialdiary.com” I felt a kindred spirit…….(not only the parties…..and the benefits)……..which are so so constructive……
    but his articles about people……and I describe it as his “point of view”..I love his point of view…..and I love his writing….and his photographer partner (as in business) Jeff Hirsch is one of the most talented photographers on earth. (He says……Pshaw! and I say…..one of the greatest on earth..ever)
    I consider David Patrick Columbia to be one of the best observers of our society today. ( I couldn’t call him a “Sociologist”….I really think he is……and I think his writings will be taught in “Sociology” for many years to come…….

    I find him a brilliant observer of social behavior………and I am the president of their fan club.! David is quoted now all the time by the new York Times……and other media about people in New York and other places……he has become……..(and is absolutely) the authority of “Society”!! which has certainly changed in the last 30 years……..and more.

    I already have a great “blog story about some wonderful people who came here to visit a child……and we made a fast friendship……all because of David!

    All this a result of the internet!


    ps maybe this should have been a “post” I hope I get the “hang of it”!!! I admit ahead of time……I am “wordy”!


    I was so fascinated by him and his ideas…….I subscribed to my very first blog and my very first foray onto the internet!

    Now we are good friends……and a whole new world was opened to me!

    another post……”introduction to the internet with Beanie Babies” That was a real “goof”!! ( How many of you knew in 2000 about “beanie babies and ebay”) Be honest………how many. You will hear the story soon……I promise……but you have to think back ………11 years ago………ebay…….”beanie babies” “tags on beanie babies”

    Let me know. post coming. Those of you who didn’t will fall down laughing…….those of you who did will tear your hair out…..and think I am the dumbest person……….what an experience! Just remember the year 2000.

    ( Just wait till you hear that one……….odearlordy! (my Granny would have said!)

    Good for you! You will damn near die when you hear! Stay tuned!


  9. penelopebi

    Thanks! I will!!

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