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While perusing the internet and visiting some of my favorite sites and blogs this week I decided to save the images that most inspired me.  Please take a look to see what was on my “favorites” list this week.  I am always so overwhelmed by the amount of imagery out there, now I have a good excuse to showcase the ones I like best: sharing them with you!

Wedding at the zoo? This cake “takes the cake”!!!

One of my all time favorite wallpapers, part of Schumacher’s Colonial Williamsburg collection.  Depicts different birds in their natural setting, and tells about their nests; even how to “catch ” them in old English!  So charming, but now discontinued. I was able to find some online, and am eagerly searching the perfect place to hang it!

Spider gate:  I have to find somewhere to build one of these!

A terracota chocolate cake, topped with purple pansies; perfect for a garden party!

Can you image having fourteen dolphins racing right at you??!

How about this terrace? I adore the stone and the low wall

My all time favorite  decorator, Nancy Lancaster petting and feeding her chickens in  her garden.

Nancy Lancaster’s “girandoles” while she was still at Ditchley Park;  and my favorite tablecloth of all time!  Dressed up animals from “Grandville’s ” series of engravings.

How wonderful is this apple-picking “cart” which has a top to make it into a bench when you aren’t picking!

And below; my friend Suzanne Rheinstein’s new book cover with that divine sphinx on her mantle!


17 thoughts on “Picks of the week

  1. patricia gaye tapp

    that apple cart is one of my favorites of your favorites! pgt

  2. Kris

    Well, I think that zoo cake does take the cake! LOL I really love the stone in the garden photo and the last photo. Such a beautiful room.


  3. Bette

    I enjoy learning about people’s favorite things because it shows our common interests and introduces us to others. How fun!

    1. penelopebi

      Me too!!

  4. Dovecote Decor

    We had a Virginia cousin with a wrought iron spider front door. I was told it was a symbol of hospitality, which makes sense when you think of it. Spiders like to make their webs in front of windows, to catch insects attracted to the light of a house. A house inhabited by people would have plenty of light, hence spiders. The dolphin picture reminds me of a glorious summer on San Malo, when my eldest was a baby. Gazpacho and Cobb salad every day–I was industrious!!

    1. penelopebi

      Love that! Now I want a spider front door! Funny; we copied our front door from one at the Adamson Museum in Malibu…I had seen a picture of it. When I saw it in person; there was a spider in a web in the upper corner that didn’t show! My next front door will definitely include the spider!!
      Was it the San Malo in California? Or France??

  5. leta austin foster

    I just love everyone of your picks–especially the zoo cake and Nancy Lancaster’s tablecloth. An interesting aside–Nancy Lancaster was a cousin of mine–through the Langhorns–very remote, but still I love to think that maybe just one tiny decorative gene of hers was somehow passed to me. Great blog. Why don’t you read mine–“Decorating with Sheets” http://www.decoratingwithsheets.com–because of course, you can’t. Good luck and keep making such wonderful lists.

    1. penelopebi

      Just so everyone knows; Leta Austin Foster has been an idol of mine for many years! I was astonished she found my blog! She is the absolute BEST!! She has a divine shop in Palm Beach, Florida; and my best friend, Britty lives there and I have visited for many years! I think we started being decorators on the same day! 1971 for me!
      How wonderful to hear from her!! She has the most exquisite taste in the world…….and I am just loving discovering her blog posts. I am glued to my computer!!!
      This truly is one of the finest decorators in the world. Her clients; I think, may not want to be published….but this woman is a true star!!!
      Read what she calls her blog………and then she says: because of course, you can’t. (Decorate with sheets!) In the seventies…..there was a lot of that…….”Just decorate with sheets!!” and of course, you can’t if you want anything of quality and value. Her philosophy on those issues is identical to mine!! Thank you Leta!!!

  6. Satch

    I love reading these articles baecuse they’re short but informative.

  7. Tracey Jackson

    How did I just get this today? This is a wonderful posting. I love those cakes.
    And the dolphins!
    And then of course the Lynn Kersting book. You gave me a copy of that book and I treasure it. It is a gem.
    Wonderful blog Penny.

  8. Karen

    I absolutely love the Schumacher wallpaper. I would love to find some and will begin a search. This is such a great idea…I truly enjoyed all of your favorites!

  9. Heather

    Thank you as always for spreading a bit of joy! So much to love here–actually, what not to love? 🙂

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  10. Barrie McIntyre

    Nancy Lancaster would have been delighted to have her name attached to the image with the hens. However it is in fact Lady Diana Cooper (A close friend of Nancy) taken by Cecil Beaton during WW2.
    An interesting selection of Images !
    B McIntye

    1. penelopebi

      Oh Thank you so much for the correction! I appreciate it! I am quite a fan of both those ladies!

  11. Alex

    The tiny bath with the wallpaper wrapping the walls and ceilings is a favorite of mine as well. Pure charm!

  12. Henry Conklin

    I have high hopes that there will be more articles like this in the near future from you. I respect your views and like your article writing. Great informational content.

  13. Alta Wools

    Hi there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I really enjoy reading through your articles. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same topics? Thanks for your time!

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